Our Team

Bryan Cosby

Realtor, DRE #02110080
With a life rooted in service I have always valued my relationships with people above all else. I was born in Southern California and raised in Spokane, Washington. Graduating from Whitworth College with a degree in Theology and Spanish I moved to the Sierra Nevada's near the Yosemite area with my wife, Laura, to work at a camp and conference center at 5,000 feet. We served the central valley of CA and absolutely fell in love with living in such paradise. We moved back to Spokane, WA after our first child was born where we loved for 5 years and eventually I helped open the Perry Street Brewery. This neighborhood taproom exploded and has not looked back. That same year Laura and our now 3 kids felt the call to move to Redding, CA. It was a place that was loaded with the same natural beauty we had come to love and was a smaller slower life. We love Redding and Redding loves us is our motto! Since moving here nearly 8 years ago, I have done ministry school, owned a Christmas tree lot, mined for gold, worked as a global account manager for a communications company and most recently began to serve Redding as a realtor. I love serving all my clients and playing a tangible role in the shaping and growth of our city. Redding is in an amazing place. I love seeing the people of Redding taking risks and building a city. I have maintained involvement and a pulse on the start up community in Redding since winning the inaugural Start Up Weekend in 2015. Its easy to find me pitching an idea or listening to another entrepreneur at Theory or Evergreen. I love investing in the people of our city and volunteer as a deacon at my church. I am involved in mentoring young adults and have in the past volunteered in Shasta Lake City, working with high schoolers at the drop in center. With a heart for service and hospitality it brings me joy to cook and host events for others. I love seeing what happens around the table as people break bread together. I would love to be more and more involved in the restaurant world of Redding. Eventually I will own my own restaurant. My wife and I love to travel. With my new job at the Redding airport, we look forward to taking advantage of the perks and traveling with our family. There is nothing better than meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and seeing creation in so many ways.  Collectively we have traveled to over 25 ish countries ( I taught English in a town of 2000 people in Spain for a year. Where I learned Spanish and have maintained a level of fluency). One of the draws to Shasta County for us was the beautiful surroundings. This hidden gem of Northern California lends to plenty of exploration. As a family we love to get out and hike around. We love to run the thousands of trails and overall just enjoy living in such a beautiful place. Of course the hobbies don't end there as I recently have been bit by the Pickle Ball bug and just purchased a 1969 VW Square Back. Looking forward to countless hours at Enterprise courts and fixing up the VW for Kool April Nights (help Wolfgang help)!!!!!
Phone: (530) 782-4944